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10 de dezembro de 2008


Um maravilhoso exemplo de humor inglês a propósito de si próprio: 

STOICISM is something the British are world-famous for. They carry on; they make do; they seldom complain, but form an orderly line to take whatever Fate may throw at them. At very bad moments—the Blitz, for example—they laugh and tell jokes against the enemy. Modern Britons are by and large a feebler and non-queuing race, as hedonistic, wasteful and complaining as anyone else; but the stereotype persists, and a moment of crisis is sure to bring it out again. For the British are subject to two utterly random forces that regularly test their stoicism and their patience: the weather and the buses.

The weather and the buses are known to be in league with each other. The worse the one, the fewer of the other, and the more dismal life in general.

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