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5 de novembro de 2008


No espaço de dois parágrafos, num texto "menor", o rapaz dá cabo dos paradigmas de "gosto" e "elitismo", e consegue ser ao mesmo tempo sensato e provocador. Leiam e aprendam. 

[...] listening to music recorded 20, 30 years ago is not living in the past, is not nostalgia. According to my dictionary, nostalgia is "homesickness... a longing for something far away or long ago or for former happy circumstances." The truth is that that the Sixties, not to mention the Fifties, sucked in the first place and you wouldn't like it if you were back there in a time when people did things like informing you you were mentally ill or worse if you didn't wanna take a toke on the doob. [...] No one in his right mind would want to return to either of those eras, which is why the lie in rosy confections like Grease and Beatlemania is despicable. But preferring Hank Williams or Charlie Parker or the Sun Sessions or the Velvet Underground to Squeeze and Rickie Lee Jones and the Go-Gos and the Psychedelic Furs is not nostalgia, it's good taste. Just like listening to Beck, Bogert & Appice or Clock DVA and the Fall are bad taste. So I'll take my bad taste and you're welcome to yours, and maybe someday something will actually happen again and then we'll both be happy.

[...] I asked my friend James Marshall if he thought the current dismal state of music was likely to improve. "No," he said. "It's got to get worse, because everybody's into their own thing and doesn't wanna know. Pretty soon every band will have no more than three fans, and nobody will even have any friends. Then after that you'll start resenting the other guy because he likes the same thing you like: it's your turf! How dare he encroach? So then people will start killing each other for appropriating each other's musical tastes and thus infringing on the neighbor's hipness space. How can you be smug about being the only person in the world cool enough to appreciate some piece of New Wave shit, or a blues band or arcane jazz artist for that matter, if you find out somebody else likes it? Don't dare tell 'em! Don't even tell your wife or girlfriend! Keep it safe inside your Walkman!" 

Lester Bangs. Em 1982. 

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Mr. Steed disse...

isto é coisa da boa. (em inglês "this is good stuff").