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3 de abril de 2006


Leslie Felperin, és o meu herói/minha heroína (confesso que só pelo nome não consigo distinguir o sexo). Ora leiam o que o/a crítico/a da revista britânica Sight & Sound diz na sua edição de Fevereiro de 2006 a propósito de Memórias de uma Gueixa, de Rob Marshall:

"(...) this overblown, curiously coy kimono-ripper ought to prove lush and banal enough to please middlebrow imaginations worldwide as well as aficionados of the ineffably camp. (...) Certainly, the scene in which Gong Li's villainess Hatsumomo bitch-slaps Ziyi Zhang's simpering heroine Sayuri in a flaming geisha house (...) rivals the Crawford-Davis cat fight in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? for sheer lurid, girl-on-girl fun. Arthouse-inclined gossip hounds might get an extra thrill out of speculating about the actresses' off-screen rivalry given that Zhang seemed to replace Gong as Chinese director Zhang Yimou's favourite star a few years back. Gay and gay-friendly viewers can only pray there will be a spin-off TV series soon, perhaps called Desperate Geishas."

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