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3 de setembro de 2004


A perfeição pode ser assim.

because of Toledo I got sober and stayed clean
the pick-ups and the wild prairies
the shadows dancing in between
a girl leans on the jukebox in a pair of old blue jeans
she says "I live here but I don't really live anywhere"
because of Toledo

Tuesday it's raining and I'm pulling on my shoes
I guess I quit believing in the early morning news
a boy orders coffee and he settles down to think
how the women that you love sometimes
are the water that you drink
then another faded waitress dressed in pink
cries for Toledo

the lipstick and the cocaine traces
one face in a thousand faces
I stumbled through so many places
because of Toledo

because of Toledo the highway looks so thin
I see another motel sign and I think of pulling in
I'd write your name up on the mirror there
the only secret that I know
but I guess I would be only chasing rainbows
back to Toledo

I think I'll go.

- The Blue Nile, "Because of Toledo", in "High" (Epstein/Sanctuary, 2004)

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